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UITP hits the world with its Grow With Public Transport Campaign


UITP in August 2013 launched a world wide campaign to create LIVEABLE cities, communities and WINNING businesses by Growing With Public Transport.

The primary objectives of the campaign is to:

  • Convey a common message (all together for public transport growth) in as many cities as possible
  • Combine the efforts of all the sector’s stakeholders to make their voice stronger and show their commitment to making cities better places to live
  • Demonstrate the economic, environmental and societal benefits public transport brings to citizens

Together we can all create winning Liveable Cities.

  • City economies grow dynamic with public transport
  • Travel grows smooth with public transport
  • Cities grow greener with public transport
  • Energy efficiency grows with public transport
  • Communities grow together with public transport

Contact the BIC to see how your organisation can become involved from something as simple as a banner on your website or by incorporating in an email signature or even a poster inside your bus or office! Contact the BIC at or +61 2 6247 5990

Australia and America - promoting and enhancing passenger transport in our regions


The American Public Transport Association (APTA) and the Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) are world partners in sharing initiatives, knowledge, expertise and resources; and the active pursuit and promotion of programs for the development of quality passenger bus services in the United States and in Australia.

The two Associations signed a Memorandum of Understanding in May 2013 to formally acknowledge a partnership that had long been active.  This alliance will enable the sharing of research and policy in both regions, public relations and advocacy activities, and participation in both US and Australian bus transit bodies and committees.

Best in World BRT Systems

Take a closer look at leading BRT Systems in 3 major cities:

  • Brisbane, Australia 
  • Curitiba, Brazil
  • Bogota, Colombia

Find out why these cities decided to invest in a BRT system for their citizens over any other transport system.

Moving Beyond the Automobile

Moving Beyond the Automobile is a project of
Streetfilms. Streetfilms produces videos that show how
cities around the world are reclaiming their roadways

for pedestrians, cyclists and transit riders.

Streetfilms website

World's coolest bus!

Midtraffik in Denmark set about making a super cool bus video promoting their innercity bus system. Watch it for yourself - it is self explanatory

Worlds Coolest bus driver!

Scania Australia hosted the inaugural Young Australian Bus Driver (YABD) of the Year National Finals at Flemington Racecourse on Saturday 17 November. YABD sees 12 young bus drivers compete in the National Final for the $10,000 prize by demonstrating their on-road driving ability, as well as their skill in manoeuvring a bus through an obstacle course that included a slalom, lining up for a bus stop, plus stopping in front of a bulls’ eye; all tests that reflect some of the daily challenges faced by bus drivers. Read more.....

110 Things to do on a Bus

This innovative DVD produced by Arriva takes a look at 110 things that people do on a bus on their route 110 Wakefield to Leeds.  Arriva employs about 47,500 people and delivers more than 1.5 billion passenger journeys across 12 European countries every year.  Check out Arriva UK.

Day in the Life DVD - a snapshot of the Bus Industry Operators, Manufacturers & Suppliers

Direct to YouTube

Bus Rapid Transport - Transport Solutions for Australian Communities

Direct to YouTube

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