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2014 Australasia Conference & Expo - Gold Coast


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The first ever State and National combined conference and exhibition debuted as the Australasia Bus and Coach Conference & Expo.

The Bus Industry Confederation (BIC) and the Queensland Bus Industry Council (QBIC) hosted delegates from around the world at the Gold Coast, Sunday September 28 to Wednesday October 1, 2014.

The event attracted more than 1,000 visitors. The sector breakdown was 638 bus & coach operator representatives (including Government/Bureaucrats) and 483 manufacturer & supplier representatives.

The Expo put on best of show of nearly 100 manufacturers, suppliers and service providers across the bus and coach industry.  In parallel to the Expo, the BIC ran a national based Conference program for three days. The QBIC ran a State based Conference program for one day. The theme for the Conference was "Moving People - Driving Excellence" and presentations from the BIC and QBIC program are below. Audio/visual versions will be made available on the OzeBus Youtube channel.

The Bus Association Victoria will be hosting the next Australasia Expo at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (Jeff's Shed) July 8 and 9, 2015. Details available online.

The BIC will take its National Annual Conference offshore to Singapore November 8 to 11, 2015 and there will be plenty on the program agenda for all of industry to take part. Go to the official conference page for more information.

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2014 Conference Sponsors

2014 National Award Winners

2014 Australasia Bus & Coach Bus Auction Suppliers

(Download the Bus Auction Flyer!)


Iveco Delta Graduate Chassis

Cummins ISLe 320hp
Euro 5 Engine

Allison T375 6 speed
auto transmission

Alcoa Aluminium Rims Bridgestone Tyres


Express Coach Builders
12.5m School Bus Body

Steel Frame Steel Laser Cutting Exterior aluminium sheeting
Passenger Seats
Air Conditioning Unit
LED Lights
Roof, Stretch side panels, dash top dash binnacle, internal rear header, external rear header, school bus front, rear bumper, internal front header
Destination Sign
Double dark bonded safety glass,
4 hopper windows and
pivot style entry door

"Brilliant White" all over finish
Pnuematic systems Vinyl Floor coverings
Front and rear headers and stretch panels
Windscreen wiper assembly, Electrical switches & panelling
Assorted Components Assorted Components
Bonding  CCTV Surveillance and reverse camera Passenger Seating Fabric  Drivers Seat

Bus Decal


2014 Australasia Bus & Coach Sponsors


Conference Partners


Industry Partner Media Partner Manufacturing Partner
Government Partners

Major Conference Sponsors


Monday Gala Dinner Tuesday Dinner Party

Big Arvo Out, Chassis Supply of
BIC Auction Bus,
National Awards for Environment & Innovation and
Outstanding Contribution to the Industry

Conference Sponsors


Sunday Welcome Cocktail Party Lunch Monday and Plenary Sessions

Lunch Tuesday


Opening Speaker Tuesday Guest Speaker

Wednesday Guest Speaker

Stage and National Achiever Award Partners Program and
Wednesday Morning Tea

Wednesday Conference Coffee Bar

Conference Name Tags Monday Morning Tea and Bus Front

/Tuesday Morning Tea,
Pocket Program & Session

Monday Afternoon Tea Monday Happy Hour

Tuesday Happy Hour

 Conference Plenary
Bus Promotion Competition
Registration Desk and Tote Bag
Conference Lectern &
Bus Auction Tires
Conference Lanyard

Conference Delegate Gifts

Conference Plenary Sessions
Pocket program and Location Guide

Bussies Bar Monday and Tuesday

Bussies Bar Sunday
Digital Production

Conference Pads & Pens

Plenary session
Destination Sign and Plenary Session

Conference Plenary Sessions

Conference Plenary Sessions  

Conference Plenary Sessions

 Conference Caps
Conference Plenary Session

2014 National Award Winners


2014 Winner

Luke Gray


Transit Australia Group


2014 Winner

Ryans Bus Service

2014 Winner 

Stan Haoust

Go West Tours

2014 Winner 

Ian Stewart

Pitcher Partners


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