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BIC National Conference - Adelaide October 27 to 30

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Conference Program Overview 

The 2013 BIC Conference has a number of key themes that connect the conference sessions over the 2-1/2 days of the conference. These themes align with the BIC research, policy focus and work program.

The conference sessions are directly relevant to bus business and its future growth, all levels of Government, planners and those working in the transport world generally.

Planning, Land Use Management and Your Business

Local Government - the funding link for your business

Have you ever considered how State Government's make service funding and infrastructure decisions about the supply of your business services to the community?

The opening session by the Lord Mayor of Adelaide provides an insight into how a local business providing a transport service, can influence the chain of decision making that can grow your business from Local government up to State government.

Australia's Capital and Major Cities and Regions are Growing - how will this make a difference to your business and the services you provide

Fred Hansen, one of the architects of the regeneration of Portland Oregon in the USA, is globally recognised in changing the way that people travel in that city. This ambitious project saw Portland become number 1 greenest city and number 1 most sustainable city in the USA. Portland is now ranked 7th in the USA for total transit ridership.

Fred now brings his Portland Oregon experience home to Adelaide, as the Chief Executive of Renewal South Australia. The Renewal SA vision is to create great places for people to live and work by forging strong community and private sector partnerships and accepting only the highest standards of design and planning.

It is clear that all Australian capital cities and major regional centres are moving to the same moving people type strategies that have been adopted in Portland and presented in BIC's Moving People research.

Learn about the significant impacts on future patronage and travel choice change. How can our community and your business benefit from this growth.

Bus operators will better understand these strategies and be on board for the benefit of your business.

Government will learn about international and local experience and what works and doesn't!

Making sense of State Government strategies on land use and transport integration - how you can make sure your business is in the plan

Hear from Australia's transport think-tank of academic, planning experts and State Government about how land use, integrated transport strategies and how we move people will be critical for the future of Australia and the living standards we enjoy today. What does this mean for your business? You might not think you have the power to influence - but understanding the relationships between planning, land use management and bus services is one of the keys to growing your business.

Bus Service Planning and Land Use

How does a bus operator engage with local government, planners and land developers to ensure that your business interests is part of the picture before a project begins.

This session gets down to the nitty-gritty of how you can personally engage in the planning process at the starting point and build new bus services into urban/regional revitalisation projects and new land developments.

Future Proofing Your Business

Key Business Sessions - add value to your business

Attention! - Urban, regional, school, tour/long distance providers.  These key business sessions will have relevance to what you do NOW in ensuring your business vitality in the future.  Add value to your contract, your services, your products.

  • Procurement of bus services and contracts - where are we heading. Be certain. Be secure.
  • Industrial Relations - what has, might or will change with a new Government
  • Succession Planning - it is not just about future family planning and transition - it's about the exit strategies options that are best for you!
  • Social Media and accelerating your IT - the basics to keeping up with the times and not being left behind

Government Regulation, Investment and Your Business

National Issues Open Forum

The 4 leading Australian transport bureaucrats will discuss in an interview style open forum, where we are heading in the context of future Federal Government policy, National Regulation and Reform, Transport Infrastructure Investment. A looking glass into where your Government is heading and what Governments might do that will impact on your business.

If your business is located in a Capital or major city, regional centre, town or local village - as a supplier, manufacturer, operator of tour, school or route services - this National Issues Open Forum is relevant to what you might adopt now in your business to secure the future of your business.

BIC Programs, Initiatives, Resources and Your Business

An Update on the programs and initiatives that the BIC has undertaken over the last 12 months that will benefit your business and provide resources to assist your day to day operations. 
Have your say as well about industry representation on National School Bus Policy, one Bus Exhibition per year, BRT vs LRT, to name a few.


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2013 National Awards


2013 Winner

Prof John Stanley


Institute of Transport & Logistics Studies


2013 Winner

Darren Webster

Kangaroo Buslines

2013 Winner

Len Kidd

Transdev Australasia

2013 Winner 

Peter Dwyer

Piper Alderman


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